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Hines Withdraws from Administrator Search

11January 2018

It was pretty clear at Tuesday’s meeting, that former Sarasota County Commissioner Charles Hines did not have the support of a majority of Manatee County Commissioners for the role of interim county administrator. After meeting with board members, Hines withdrew his name from consideration.

Hines, a private-sector attorney, sent the following email through Manatee County Attorney Bill Clague:
Via Email: Mr. William Clague, Esq.
Manatee County Attorney
Dear Bill:
I enjoyed working with you on my potential role as the acting County Administrator for Manatee County. I respectfully request that you share this letter with your County Commissioners.  Dear Commissioners:
I truly appreciate the Commission considering me as a potential candidate for acting County Administrator. I enjoyed meeting with you all and discussing various issues facing Manatee  County and identifying areas where I could immediately assist your Board. I regret we were not able to come to mutually agreeable terms for me to fill that role under the current circumstances.
It appears now that the Board is seeking an agreement with a one-year term and to have a person in the role of acting administrator who would also apply to become the permanent administrator. This is a totally different proposal than the one for which I was approached to fill and hold while I assisted the Board in finding a permanent administrator. I believe a conflict would exist for me to hold the acting position with the intent or possibility of applying to become the permanent administrator, while at the same time being tasked by the Board to assist in conducting a national search for someone who may be my replacement. Therefore, I respectfully request that I be removed from consideration for becoming your acting administrator.
I truly believe that Manatee County and Southwest Florida are in a great position to do incredible things over the next few years and I wish you all success in finding a quality permanent County Administrator who can help you take Manatee County to the next level. Manatee County has incredible amenities, both natural and man-made, that are very attractive for individuals and for businesses to expand and/or relocate here.
If I can be of any help in any other way or role with the County or your Commission, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Kind regards.
Charles D. Hines, Esq.

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